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Birth Injuries & Defects

Experienced, Caring Birth Injury Attorneys in New Jersey

If your child is suffering from mobility challenges or other effects of a birth injury or birth defect, the compensation obtained in a medical malpractice lawsuit can enable you to enhance their quality of life. While money is certainly not everything, adequate financial resources can ensure that your child has proper medical treatment, ongoing rehabilitation care, emotional support and other tools needed to live life to the fullest extent possible.

Some birth injuries or defects may be the result of genetics or unavoidable trauma. Other birth injuries could have been avoided entirely. How can a parent tell? Markman & Cannan LLC can help you obtain the answers you need when your child suffers a serious birth injury. When birth injuries are the direct result of medical negligence, we aggressively pursue full compensation in a medical malpractice lawsuit against the at-fault provider or health care facility.

You deserve answers. Call 877-784-8782 toll-free or contact us by e-mail to schedule a free consultation. We will carefully investigate your claim and provide an honest assessment of what happened, why it happened and what rights you have in a medical malpractice claim.

We understand how difficult it can be to learn your child will not live a "normal" life. It is frustrating to ask questions and never get real answers about whether or not someone is to blame. At Markman & Cannan LLC, we thoroughly investigate all aspects of the medical care provided during pregnancy, labor, delivery and after childbirth.

  • Were signs of fetal distress, such as rapid or slowed heart rate, ignored?
  • Was an oversized baby delivered when a c-section should have been scheduled?
  • Were proper measures taken to avoid delivering a breech baby?
  • Was excessive force or haste used when delivering a baby stuck at the shoulder (shoulder dystocia)?
  • Were forceps- or vacuum-assisted deliveries performed with proper precaution?
  • Was the decision to perform a c-section delayed (resulting in lack of oxygen/hypoxic injury)?

After reviewing medical records and consulting with medical experts, we carefully assess what negligence could have transpired, if any. We do not lead vulnerable clients into frivolous claims when negligence did not occur or cannot be proved. We give you honest answers about what we believe happened and what your options are moving forward.

If your child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Erb's Palsy or another birth injury, talk with an experienced medical malpractice lawyer to determine if you have a claim. For a free case evaluation, contact Markman & Cannan LLC at 877-784-8782 toll-free or contact us online.