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Brain Injury/Head Trauma

Traumatic Brain Injury Representation

It can be difficult to gauge how a head trauma will affect the victim's life. The person may fully recover from a concussion or mild brain injury, or suffer lasting damage not realized until months or years later.

At Markman & Cannan LLC, we take an aggressive approach to proving liability for a brain injury, but a cautious and thorough approach to compensation. We work with clients, their family members and their care providers to document the extent of injury and ensure that compensation provides for years or a lifetime of special needs.

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Based in Bloomfield, New Jersey, personal injury lawyer Alan J. Markman has represented a number of brain injury victims and takes cases in Essex County, Union County and Hudson County. Contact him to discuss a head injury resulting from a motor vehicle accident, falling accident or other trauma caused by the negligence of others.

Building a Case for Brain Injury Litigation

Assessing brain damage and determining compensation is a joint effort. In preparing a lawsuit, we bring in various experts:

  • Neurologists (How extensive is the brain injury? Can surgery help?)
  • Vocational specialists (What kind of work can the person do?)
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapists (What skills must be relearned?)
  • Nurses (Will the person need assisted living or 24-hour care?)
  • Psychiatrists/psychologists

Family members play an important role. They notice the personality changes, depression, and difficulty with concentration, memory, speech and motor skills. We often assemble day-in-the-life videos to demonstrate for a jury or insurance company the ongoing personal challenges and dramatic impact caused by a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Markman & Cannan LLC has experience in catastrophic injury cases. We will fight for full compensation — not only medical and nursing care, but mental health counseling, job training and damages for pain and suffering and a reduced quality of life.

Mr. Markman is an experienced trial lawyer, but a trial runs the risk that a conservative New Jersey jury will award no money or too little. Binding arbitration is one way to ensure that most, if not all, of our client's long-term needs are met.

Call our Bloomfield office at 877-784-8782 or contact us online. Mr. Markman will personally meet with the victim and family, including house calls and hospital visits. We offer a free consultation and take no attorney fees unless we secure compensation.