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Catastrophic Injury

Compensation for Life-Changing Injuries

If your family member has suffered a severe and permanent injury, the compensation must cover a lifetime of special care and reduced income. Markman & Cannan LLC aggressively pursues a compensation package to meet those future needs.

Bloomfield, New Jersey, personal injury lawyer Alan J. Markman has secured substantial settlements and jury verdicts for victims of catastrophic injury. He takes cases throughout Essex County as well as Union County and Hudson County.

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Catastrophic Injury

Mr. Markman oversees a thorough investigation of the car accident, slip and fall or other accident to prove the negligence that resulted in:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Spine injury/paralysis
  • Lost limb/partial amputation
  • Shattered bones or multiple fractures
  • Disfiguring facial injury
  • Permanent neck or back injury
  • Severe burns and skin grafts
  • Other permanently disabling injuries

Full and Fair Damages

He also calls in experts to help gauge future needs: nurses and physical therapists, economists and vocational specialists, life care planners, and your own doctors and financial adviser.

Your settlement must cover the medical bills, future surgery and rehab, medications and special medical equipment. Many victims require home modifications, home nursing care and psychological counseling. We calculate lost earning capacity, depending on what work (if any) the injured person will be able to do. Lastly, the lawsuit seeks non-economic damages for pain and suffering and the lost enjoyment of life.

Alan Markman has 14 years of experience in injury litigation, but these cases rarely go to trial. Insurance companies don't want to risk a huge jury award, and our clients can't afford to walk away with nothing. Increasingly, we have used binding arbitration to arrive at a fair compensation package. We often negotiate a structured settlement to ensure that the money doesn't run out in five or 10 years.

Let's Look at the Future Together

Life won't ever be the same, but life isn't over after a catastrophic injury. Markman & Cannan LLC works closely with clients and their family members to understand their needs and we fight for what they need and deserve. Call 877-784-8782 or contact us online for a free case evaluation. We have Spanish and Portuguese speakers on staff.