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Construction Site Accidents

Experienced Attorneys for Injured Construction Workers

Falls from scaffolding or a ladder, accidents involving a forklift or other heavy equipment, and other construction site accidents can all lead to disabling injuries and even death. When a serious injury occurs while on the job, you may feel as if there are limited options for pursuing financial recovery. However, the lawyers at Markman & Cannan LLC have the knowledge and experience to help you recover full and fair compensation from all liable parties.

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We handle serious personal injury and wrongful death cases involving all types of construction site accidents, including:

  • Accidents involving power tools
  • Forklift or crane accidents
  • Electrical accidents (electrocutions and electrical burns)
  • Scaffolding accidents (collapsed scaffolding or falls from scaffolding)
  • Other falls (falls from a ladder, roof or other elevated surface)
  • Accidents involving falling debris
  • Other construction accidents

Navigating the workers' compensation claim process can be challenging after a construction site injury. Endless paperwork and doctor visits may make defeat seem inevitable. In fact, many injured workers simply give up after a claim denial. Our attorneys know better. When you have a serious injury, such as a spinal cord injury that has left you paralyzed, your mounting medical bills and future needs demand full financial recovery. Not only can we help you obtain rightful workers' compensation benefits, we can also examine every aspect of the construction accident to determine if any third parties can be held liable.

Although New Jersey law prohibits injured construction workers from suing their employer, third party claims, such as a claim against a negligent subcontractor or a company that manufactured or furnished defective or dangerous construction equipment, is allowed. If possible, we will maximize your financial recovery by pursing workers' compensation benefits, as well as compensation from negligent third parties.

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If you or a loved one has been involved in a serious construction accident or if a loved one has died in a fatal construction site accident, trust in the experience, compassion and diligence of our lawyers at Markman & Cannan LLC. Call 877-784-8782 toll-free or contact us by e-mail for a free case evaluation.