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Dog Bites

Compensation for Injuries and Scarring

Attacked by a pit bull known for its vicious behavior? Was your child bitten on the face while petting the neighbor's otherwise friendly terrier? In either of these scenarios, the dog's owner is strictly liable for costs of medical treatment (including plastic surgery) and damages for scars or lasting disability.

Bloomfield, New Jersey, personal injury lawyer Alan J. Markman has handled dozens of dog bite cases in 14 years of practice. Contact us today to discuss your case if you were injured in an animal attack in Essex County or close locations in Union or Hudson County.

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No "Free Bite"

It doesn't matter if the dog never attacked or showed vicious behavior. It doesn't have to be a certain breed of "dangerous dogs." Some of the worst cases we've seen involved children who were mauled or disfigured by "good dogs" that snapped while being petted or attacked without warning or provocation.

Markman & Cannan LLC can pursue damages for:

  • Bite and claw wounds (including infection or nerve damage)
  • Reconstructive surgery or visible scarring
  • Nerve damage
  • Emotional scars (young victims may become terrified of all dogs)
  • Injuries from being chased by a vicious dog
  • Serious injury to your pet from an attack

For victims under age 18 with severe dog bite injuries, we commonly arrange structured settlements to ensure that the child's future is economically secured.

Other animal attack? The statute presumes dog bites, but the law would apply to serious injury from cats, exotic pets, horses or livestock.

I don't want to sue my neighbor! Was the dog owned by friends or family? Damages are typically paid by their homeowner's insurance. The alternative is to pay the substantial medical bills yourself.

Call our Bloomfield office at 877-784-8782 or contact us online to discuss your case with Mr. Markman in a free consultation. We have Spanish-speaking and Portuguese-speaking staff.