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Nursing Home Falls & Fractures

New Jersey Nursing Home Negligence Attorneys

When Nursing Home Falls Lead to Serious Injury or Health Concerns...

Our elderly loved ones are placed in a nursing home for a reason. They require special assistance from caring and supportive nursing personnel and caregivers. Sadly, the level of care provided in many nursing home facilities falls far short of the residents' true needs. If nursing home negligence has resulted in a loved one suffering a serious fracture after falling down, the negligent nursing home must be held accountable.

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Seniors involved in a serious nursing home fall often suffer hip fractures or other broken bones. Fractures, particularly hip fractures, can contribute to a series of health problems, reduced mobility and ultimately a reduced quality of life. Many elderly people who suffer a hip injury never fully recover and eventually lose the battle within a year of the fall.

Appropriate supervision and assistance is necessary to prevent nursing home falls. However, many nursing homes have inadequate staffing, employ negligent hiring tactics, and provide inadequate training and supervision. As a result, seniors are left unsupervised or are not given the proper support when walking through the hallways.

This negligence can lead to the following types of life-threatening falls:

  • Unsupervised falls
  • Falls when support belts are not used properly
  • Falls out of bed when bedrails are left down
  • Falls out of a wheelchair
  • Falls when hurrying to the restroom (when staff was not available in time)
  • Falls in the bathtub or shower

Insufficient staff, negligent staff and inadequate equipment (grab bars, walkers, support belts, etc.) are unacceptable in a nursing home environment. If a loved one suffered a falling injury at a nursing home or if a loved one died after a nursing home fall, our attorneys at Markman & Cannan LLC can help. They will thoroughly investigate the incident, collect proper documentation and present a solid claim to hold the nursing home accountable for providing substandard care.

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