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Pedestrian/Bicycle Accidents

Struck by a Car in Essex County?

Pedestrian Accidents • Bicycle Accidents

An injury while crossing the street or riding a bike is not about "wrong place at the wrong time." It's about negligence. The driver who hit you had a duty to be vigilant and obey the traffic laws.

In pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents, drivers and victims point the finger at each other. At Markman & Cannan LLC, we don't leave it up to "he said/she said." There is evidence — witnesses, skid marks, impact dents and data in the car's computer — to prove the driver's fault.

Contact our Bloomfield, New Jersey, personal injury lawyer immediately if you or your child suffered a serious bicycle injury or pedestrian accident. We have earned substantial recoveries for victims in Essex County and nearby communities in Union and Hudson counties.

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Proving Fault and Converting it to Damages

Attorney Alan J. Markman has secured compensation for the bad injuries in pedestrian and bike accidents: broken legs and arms, back or neck injuries, knee or shoulder injury, deep lacerations and disfigurement. Our cases have included permanent disability (brain injury, paraplegia, lost limbs) and wrongful death claims.

We work with your doctors and other professionals to calculate the full damages: medical bills and future surgery or care, lost wages and future earnings, pain and suffering and lost quality of life.

Your compensation depends in part upon the available insurance. Mr. Markman explores all sources, including homeowner policies, the pedestrian's own auto insurance and any third-party liability, to cover the losses.

Alan Markman conducts a thorough investigation and focuses attention on the negligence of the driver — inattentive or distracted driving, speeding or aggressive driving, illegal turns and failure to yield the right of way.

Contact our Bloomfield office at 877-784-8782 or e-mail us today. Mr. Markman will personally meet with you and give a free evaluation of your injury claim. We make home and hospital visits, and have Spanish and Portuguese translators on staff.