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Product Liability

Defective Product Injury or Death

Manufacturers are strictly liable for the safety of their products. If you or a family member suffered serious injury from bad design or manufacturing flaws, you may have a product liability lawsuit.

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Product liability could apply to:

  • Auto defects (airbags, seatbelts, SUV rollover)
  • Defective toys (lead paint, swallowed magnets, choking hazard)
  • Consumer goods (power tools, bicycles, ladders, appliances)
  • Any product subject to recalls

These are very complex and highly technical cases. If I do not feel I can personally handle your claim and do it justice, I will work with another attorney who specializes in products liability or refer you to them.

However, please contact me for a free case evaluation:
— I will take the time to listen to your story.
— I will help you sort out the relevant facts.
— I will only refer you to a qualified and trustworthy lawyer.

— Alan Markman

About Product Liability

Product liability falls into three categories:

  • Design defects — The product is inherently unsafe, or dangerous for unintended but foreseeable uses.
  • Manufacturing defects — A flaw in the assembly, components or raw materials of a particular unit or batch causes injury.
  • Failure to warn — The product lacks plain English instructions or warning stickers that alert the end user to serious and likely dangers.

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