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Slip and Fall Injury

Bloomfield Premises Liability Attorney

A business or other property owner is strictly liable for your injuries if they knew of a safety hazard or failed to maintain their premises.

Markman & Cannan LLC has brought successful lawsuits for slip and fall injuries against Pathmark and Shoprite supermarkets; retail stores such as Kohl's, Sports Authority and Home Depot; convenience stores such as 7-11, restaurants, apartment buildings and even municipal entities.

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Bloomfield, New Jersey, personal injury trial lawyer Alan J. Markman represents victims of slip and falls and other accidents in Essex County and nearby communities of Union County and Hudson County. He has the skill and investigative resources to prove the negligence:

  • Mopped or waxed floors without caution signs
  • Spills, leaks or slippery substances
  • Neglected snow and ice (especially black ice)
  • Tripping hazards (torn carpet, uneven sidewalks)
  • Falling merchandise or protruding objects
  • Broken steps, guardrails or handrails

Under New Jersey law, commercial property owners are liable to their business invitees for a slip and fall if they had notice (someone complained) or should have discovered or prevented the hazard through routine maintenance. A marble floor with no mats to catch melting snow is asking for trouble.

Property owners can argue contributory negligence (i.e., you should have watched where you were going), which may reduce your compensation. Trial lawyer Alan J. Markman and his investigators act quickly to record evidence before it is cleared away or repaired. We also document your injuries through photos and medical records to support your case.

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Find Out if Your Slip and Fall Claim Has Merit

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