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Workplace Injury

Workers' Compensation • Construction Accidents

If you were hurt at work, Markman & Cannan LLC stands up for your rights. We fight for you if your claim was denied and we make sure you are getting all the benefits you deserve. We can also determine if you have a lawsuit against a third party for your workplace injury.

Attorney Alan J. Markman brings 14 years of experience in injury law, including hundreds of workers' compensation claims. Based in Bloomfield, New Jersey, he takes cases throughout Essex County as well as Union and Hudson counties.

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We Handle All Workplace Injury Claims

Whether you had a specific accident or developed an injury from the type of work you do, you are entitled to medical coverage and weekly checks to replace lost wages. If you cannot work at all or a part of your body is permanently injured, you are also entitled to payouts for your disability.

Mr. Markman has helped clients receive workers' comp for:

  • Broken bones and lacerations
  • Head trauma and spinal cord injuries
  • Herniated disc and other neck and back injuries
  • Loss of fingers or limbs
  • Knee and shoulder injuries
  • Eye injury or hearing damage
  • Severe burns and toxic chemical exposure
  • Repetitive stress injuries (carpal tunnel, rotator cuff)

We often get involved when a claim has been rejected or an employer orders a person back to work too soon. Alan Markman will vigorously appeal your case to the Workers' Compensation Board, and refer you to our doctor if you disagree with your disability rating (compensation is based on degree of permanent injury).

Third Party Claims

In most cases, you can't sue your employer for personal injury. But many workers' compensation cases have a potential third party element. We have successfully represented construction workers injured by the negligence of another subcontractor on a job site. If another driver hit you while you were driving on duty, or if you were injured by defective workplace machinery, you may have a suit for damages above and beyond workers' compensation. (Mr. Markman does not take product liability cases, but connects clients to an attorney who does.)

Call Today to Discuss Your Job Injury

Your healthy body is your paycheck. If you needed medical treatment and lost time from work, contact our Bloomfield office at 877-784-8782 or by e-mail. We will explain your benefits and your workers' compensation rights in a free case evaluation. We have Spanish and Portuguese-speaking workers on staff.